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nPOD Services

Nexstra’s nPOD service blends print on demand technology and software tools to deliver a true “Print On Demand” model.  Most printing companies focus on print, then technology.  Nexstra understands that to deliver a true print on demand program – technology & workflow must be first.   Most organizations are moving to a hybrid product fulfillment solution where electronic delivery of assets is the primary delivery mechanism, then printed material.  Transitioning to a hybrid fulfillment solution can be challenging. Nexstra understands these challenges and has significant experience assisting companies with making this transition.

Nexstra’s nPOD service typically leverages the technologies found in both Nexstra's nCommerce and nConnect services. nCommere provides the order management, product catalog, and reporting. Nexstra's nConnect can provide document management, document rendering and notification management.


Key Service Features
  • Integrates with your systems (e.g. order management, procurement, asset repository)
  • Full support for the unique requirements of your customers, channel partners and employees
  • Custom online stores for your customers, channel partners and employees
  • User attributes can control access to order items in the online stores
  • Product catalog and asset repository can be used to directly drive the creation of printed materials
  • Manages all physical fulfillment details, from order submission through to production and delivery confirmation
  • Integrates with existing fulfillment vendors’ systems
  • Nexstra production is truly “on demand” – order quantities can be as small as one.

Key Service Benefits

  • Dramatically reduces cost of goods sold
  • Assures only appropriate customers, partners and employees are able to order controlled products
  • Enables a transition to a hybrid fulfillment model where the expense for tangible goods can be transitioned to end-customers and channel partners.

Customer Support

Nexstra provides complete customer services to you and your customers. Standard support is provided 8am to 7pm PT. Additional support is available until 12midnight on all period end dates (e.g. month-end, quarter-end, year-end).

Employee Support

Many companies allow their employees to purchase marketing materials. Often, different departments need to purchase goods on a regular basis – for example, direct mail, fact sheets, forms, and training materials. Nexstra’s nPOD system provides a variety of support capabilities for managing purchases by departments and employees. Some of the features include:

  • Employee login accounts with numerous attributes
    - Manager authorization required
    - Individual order spending limit / overall budget limit
    - Access control to license controlled products
    - List of purchase orders that can be billed against
  • Authorization workflow to control purchases
  • Charging against one or more purchase orders
  • Custom online reports summarizing purchasing activity by items such as employee, department, purchase order
  • Integration with HRMS systems for obtaining and managing employee accounts

Order Activity Monitoring

Nexstra’s nPOD system provides support for the internal operations team tasked with overseeing / managing order. A key part to managing the fulfillment process is provided by Nexstra's "Partner" web portal. Some of the capabilities of this portal are:

  • Search for and view order
  • Edit shipping address
  • Edit shipping method and terms
  • Release / cancel held orders
  • Enter communications to vendors via order chat functionality
  • Run reports